Latest post: ‘A solace to a tortured world…’ - The Growing Interest in Spiritualism during and after WW1 by Suzie Grogan

In the 21st century, how many of us believe in ghosts' Is commune with the dead now confined to the pages of teenage fiction and mass market horror' Or could we, as a society, once more turn to spiritualism in our hundreds of thousands as our grand and great grandparents did during and after the Great War? I have recently been researching the rise of spiritualism from 1914 until the 1930s, from a resurgence to a decline from which it has not recovered. The work of Jenny Hazelgrove in Spiritualism and British Society Between the Wars (2000) and Professor Jay Winter in Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning (2014), have informed my work on the emotional impact of the war on society as... read more