Anna Johnson

University of Oxford
In February 2012 I was awarded my PhD, which I studied for at Brasenose College, Oxford, under the supervision of Mr Bernard O’Donoghue at Wadham College. My doctoral work focused on the interplay between the visual and the literary in the work of the artist and poet David Jones. My primary interests are in British art and literature (and the cross-overs between the two) in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, and in the art and literature of the First and Second World Wars. I have also published on the place of Old English Literature in Jones’s writing and art.

Truth-telling versus literary allusion in David Jones’s ‘In Parenthesis’ (1937)

Criticism of the literature of the First World War sometimes finds a place both for realism – what we might call ‘truth-telling’ – and for fictionalised structure. Andrew Rutherford, writing in 1978, praises the abilities of post-war novelists to give … Continue reading

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