Christopher Harvie

Christopher served five years as an NCO with the 48th Highlanders of Canada, commanding a rifle section, and studied History at the University of Windsor. His own family history is deeply rooted in all three branches of the British military. Of late, he has taken on the cause of perpetuating the education and understanding of history, particularly Canada's military heritage through his site "If Ye Break Faith" which showcases his short subject essays on the First World War to promote the project’s goal of collecting the biographies of the Canadian Expeditionary Force killed on Active Service in that war. An avid reader of military history and adventure travel, he also enjoys cooking and has been known to keep fit by running, from time to time.

Basket Case

It is, without a doubt an offensive phrase.  In its modern meaning, it is applied to someone who appears frazzled or mentally unstable; incapable of proper action due to emotional stress.  The phrase itself is supposedly linked to the First … Continue reading

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Not Quite the Ticket

Communicable disease has always followed armies, where its spread has been encouraged by living communally in close quarters in dubious hygiene. We understand today more properly the relationship between physical hygiene and the spread of viruses and bacteria; and largely … Continue reading

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