Kate Spiller

Swansea University
I work on community-led research and I am the Project Coordinator for the ‘Connected Communities’ project at Swansea University. I work closely with dozens of local groups, organisations and members of the local community to develop and implement research projects focused on the history and heritage of the Swansea Valley. The projects we support are diverse: – from the history of Chinese immigration to Welsh poetry and photography. I also coordinate the ‘Key Heritage Skills’ programme at Swansea University, which involves working closely with national and international heritage organisations to offer master classes, workshops, placements and to also provide skills training for postgraduate students. I have a Bachelors degree in Ancient History and a Masters degree in Classical Civilisation both from the Department of History and Classics at Swansea University. I am particularly interested in the development and sustainability of communities.

Where to Begin? Sharing a Community’s War with the Young

‘How do we share the realities of what happened within our community during World War One with school children?’ As someone who is fortunate to work alongside a multitude of passionate amateur historians and community groups I find this question … Continue reading

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