Ross Wilson

University of Chichester
Ross Wilson is Senior Lecturer in Modern History and Public Heritage, University of Chichester, UK. He is the author of Representing Enslavement and Abolition in Museums (2011), Landscapes of the Western Front (2012), Cultural Heritage of the Great War in Britain (2013), New York in the First World War: Shaping an American City (2014) and The Language of the Past (2016). His current research interests include the history and memory of the Great War in Britain and the United States.

Street names: the local, national and international memory of the First World War

Memorials and monuments to the First World War are a familiar part of the urban landscape in former combatant countries but across the cities, towns and villages there is another element of remembrance which sometimes goes unnoticed: street names. In … Continue reading

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The Great War and Prehistoric Memory

We are used to thinking of the First World War as the moment when society was confronted with the new horrors of industrialised warfare. Indeed, the scholarship of the war has focused in recent years on how far the conflict … Continue reading

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Language, Memory and the First World War in Britain

With the advent of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, the impact of the war upon contemporary society has been drawn into sharper focus. The political, social, cultural and economic effects of the conflict have been … Continue reading

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