Rosemary Wall

University of Hull
I am a Lecturer in Global History at the University of Hull. My research examines the history of medicine in Britain and areas of British overseas settlement between 1880 and 1960. My current project is an interdisciplinary book on British colonial nursing, co-authored with colleagues at King’s College London ( In particular, I focus on the collective biography of the nurses: their training and work experience in the UK, and motivations for working overseas. I also investigate the work and lives of these nurses in areas of the world which include China, British Malaya and Kenya. My previous project investigated the use of bacteriology in hospitals, workplaces and local communities. My forthcoming book on this topic, Bacteria in Britain, 1880-1939, will be published in 2013.

‘Surplus Women’: a legacy of World War One?

More than 700,000 British men were killed during World War One. This tragic loss of life affected the lives of young women in 1920s Britain. Virginia Nicholson has discussed in her 2007 book, Singled Out, the difficulties of unmarried women … Continue reading

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