Sarah Kimbell & Rowan Pease

Sarah Kimbell and Rowan Pease are granddaughters of Michael Pease, whose WW1 diaries and letters they are publishing in the book "Are We Downhearted? The diaries and letters of Michael Stewart Pease from Ruhleben Internment Camp, Germany, 1914-1918". Sarah is a retired geophysicist and Rowan is an ethnomusicologist and editorial manager at SOAS University of London. Both have a keen interest in family history, and were inspired to write the book when they started digging into the treasure trove of original material contained in a wooden chest inherited from Michael. If you are interested in finding out more, or want to purchase a copy of the book, please contact them at

Was he downhearted? How a scientist dealt with four years of internment

Thousands of British civilians were held in the Ruhleben internment camp near Berlin during the First World War. They were allowed a large degree of self-determination and established a miniature version of British male society behind the barbed wire. This … Continue reading

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