Stuart Lee

University of Oxford
I am currently Director, Computing Systems and Services, at Oxford University's Computing Services, but formerly Head of the University’s Learning Technologies Group which I set up in 2001. I am a member of several senior University ICT committees, have led major research projects in the fields of digitisation, humanities computing, and e-learning; and am also a lecturer and researcher at Oxford’s English Faculty. In 2008 I was made Oxford’s Reader in E-learning and Digital Libraries and received a University Teaching Award.Project Director of the First World War Poetry Digital Archive digitisation project and Great War Archive Initiative, this led to ‘Der Erster Weltkrieg’ Project with Europeana.

Poetry vs. History

What place do the poets and their work have in the historical analysis of the War? Dr Stuart Lee takes a look at the debate in the short audio podcast. This episode is part of the new podcast series The … Continue reading

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The Georgians will inherit the earth…

When Filippo Marinetti published the manifesto for the Futurist movement on the front page of Le Figaro on the 20th February 1909, it signalled, perhaps, not only the first salvo across the bows of traditional ways, but some would say … Continue reading

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The War, The Great War, The First World War

Whilst visiting Germany and talking to colleagues last year the topic of what we call the War arose in conversation. One of my German friends noted that in Britain we occasionally use the term ‘The Great War’ presumably, he suggested, … Continue reading

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