Samuel Tranter

University of St Andrews
Sam is currently an AHRC-funded PhD candidate in Modern History at the University of St Andrews. His thesis will examine the importance and operation of Great War myth in Britain during the Second World War. He previously graduated from Aberystwyth University and King’s College London, where he was a Teaching Assistant in undergraduate modules on modern and ancient warfare.

Whose Memory?

If I may be so bold, I should like to move against the grain of advice being meted out by military revisionists, and posit a useful corrective to the strict, but unnecessary, dichotomy between the so-called ‘known facts’ and ‘popular … Continue reading

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Wish You Were Here?

When E. P. Thompson first met the controversial Norwegian poet Nordhal Grieg, he was told of regret that Norway had remained neutral during the Great War. Thompson was also questioned eagerly about three young poets who had died in that … Continue reading

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