Soldiers on leave / Les Permissionnaires

Emmanuelle CronierDr Emmanuelle Cronier , Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Birmingham, examines the different experiences of service leave during the First World War. A key war-time experience that played a vital role in social cohesion during the conflict.

Watch and download the podcast at: It is also available in French, and a downloadable transcript is available.

This podcast is part of the series First World War: New Perspectives available on Oxford Podcasts:

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About Emmanuelle Cronier

Emmanuelle Cronier is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Centre for War Studies, University of Birmingham. In her doctoral research on Leave and soldiers on leave in Paris during the First World War, she adopted a holistic approach to First World War societies, adressing issues such as combatants' morale, social and family bonds, identities and wartime moral hierarchies, or the transgressive behaviors of the soldiers. She is currently working on First World War as a multicultural experience, exploring in particular food traditions as a support for morale among uprooted soldiers, and cross-cultural food issues.
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