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A soldier in his shirtsleeves is standing on the bank of the Scarpe. According to the original caption this photograph was taken at Feuchy, a small French village not far from Arras. The soldier is standing on a platform that overhangs the water. There is a small table next to the platform, on top of which the soldier has stretched out an item of clothing. On the table to his left there is a small metal basin. Images of soldiers carrying out domestic duties were often used as propaganda by the Government and Military. Such scenes placed a veil over the true horrors experienced by men at the Front but provided the people at home with reassuring snapshots of ‘everyday life.’

Original reads: ‘OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT. Washing day on the bank of the Scarpe. Feuchy.’

The Battle of Arras 9th April to 16th May 1917

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