British Aces of WW1 – William Bishop

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Bishop attended the Royal Military College before joining the 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles at the beginning of the war. After serving overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps in December 1915 and received his pilot’s certificate in 1917. Flying the Nieuport 17 and S.E.5a, “The Lone Hawk” was considered by some to be a mediocre pilot, but his extraordinary eyesight and consistent practice earned him a reputation as a crack shot.

As the commanding officer of the “Flying Foxes,” he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross after scoring 25 victories in just twelve days. On the morning of June 2, 1917, his single-handed attack against a German aerodrome on the Arras front earned him the Victoria Cross, making Bishop the first Canadian flyer to receive this honor.

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