Italy and the Great War: from neutrality to intervention by Antionio Salandra | University of Oxford

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Accounts by Antionio Salandra, Italian Prime Minister 1914-1916, detailing Italy’s neutral stance at the opening of the conflict and eventual entry into the war on the side of the allies.

Translation by Zoe Kendrick Pyne from the Italian volumes, ‘La neutralità italiana’ (1928) and ‘L’intervento’ (1930)”

Part I. Neutrality
The First Spark: Italy and Austria: p. 17
The Outbreak of the Conflagration: Neutrality Declared: p. 45
Impressions in Italy and Abroad: p. 71
Moral Preparation for the War: p. 98
Military Preparations: p. 115
The Situation on September 30: Reconstruction of the Ministry: p. 134
A Month at the Consulta: p. 152
Towards War: p. 171
Part II. Intervention
Marking Time: p. 179
The Negotiations with Austria: p. 217
The Treaty of London: p. 263
The May Crisis: p. 306
War: p. 357
Index: p. 373

London: Edward Arnold, 1932

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