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US Military Instructors Manual by J. P. Cole and Oliver Schoonmaker, 1917. Covering a number of topics the introduction states that ‘It is hoped that this work will serve to recall to many officers, valuable points of military training which would otherwise be lost, to them in the mass of notes never looked at since the day they were made. More than this, every reader will find help in planning his work, saving thereby precious hours already too full of necessary duties, and will find fresh material for progress in the game of war. It is the purpose of this book to help men who are in the service of the United States, and through them to share in bringing victory.’

The book is available online and as downloadable: HTML; EPub; Kindle; Plucker; QiOO Mobile; Plain Text UFT-8.

Chapter 1. Schedules
Chapter 2. Infantry Drill Regulations
Chapter 3. Physical Training, Voice Culture
Chapter 4. Use of Modern Arms
– 1. S.A.F.M.

– 2. Range Practice.
– 3. Pistol.
– 4. Bayonet.
– 5. Machine Guns.
– 6. Grenade Instruction.
Chapter 5. Map Sketching
Chapter 6. Articles Of War. (Courts-Martial.)
Chapter 7. Army Regulations
Chapter 8. Practice Marches
– Field Work
Chapter 9. Feeding Men
– Camping And Camp Sanitation.
Chapter 10. Personal Hygiene
Chapter 11. Signaling
Chapter 12. Guard Duty
Chapter 13. Company Administration
Chapter 14. Conferences
– Study.
– Small Problems in Infantry.
– Examinations
Chapter 15. Trench Warfare
– 1. General Principles
– 2. Siting Trenches
– 3. Construction
– 4. Occupation

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