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Propaganda work on supposed German Atrocities by Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis, American congregationalist minister who toured the country giving patriotic addresses and lecturing on German war crimes. A eugenicist, he comments favourably in this work on proposals to sterilize the entire German armed forces.

I. The Arch-Criminal
1. The Kaiser’s Hatred of the United States.
2. The Kaiser’s Character Revealed in His Choosing the Sultan for His friend.
3. Pershing’s Charges versus the Kaiser.
4. Who Taught the Kaiser That a Treaty Is a Scrap of Paper?
5. The Plot of the Kaiser.
II. The Judas Among Nations
1. The Original Plot of the Members of the Potsdam Gang.
2. The Berlin Schemers and Their Plot.
3. German Superiority a Myth That Has Exploded.
4. German Intrigues.
5. German Burglars Loaded with Loot Are the More Easily Captured.
6. Germans Who Hide Behind the Screen.
7. Must German Men Be Exterminated?
III. The Black Soul of the Hun 60
1. German Barbarism Not Barbarism to the German.
2. The German “Science of Lying.”
3. The Malignity of the German Spies.
4. The Cancer in the Body-Politic of Germany.
5. Polygamy and the Collapse of the Family in Germany.
6. The Red-Hot Swords in Sister Julie’s Eyes.
7. The Hidden Dynamite: The Hun’s Destruction of Cathedrals.
8. The German Sniper Who Hid Behind the Crucifix.
9. The Ruined Studio.
10. Was This Murder Justified?
IV. In France the Immortal!
1. The Glory of the French Soldier’s Heroism.
2. Why the Hun Cannot Defeat the Frenchman.
3. “I Am Only His Wife.”
4. A Soldier’s Funeral in Paris.
5. The Old Book-Lover of Louvain.
6. A Vision of Judgment in Martyred Gerbéviller.
7. The Return of the Refugees.
8. An American Knight in France.
9. An American Soldier’s Grave in France.
10. “These Flowers, Sir, I Will Lay Them Upon My Son’s Grave.”
11. The Courage of Clemenceau.
V. Our British Allies
1. “Gott Strafe England”—”And Scotland.”
2. “England Must Not Starve.”
3. German-Americans Who Vilify England.
4. British vs. American Girls in Munition Factories.
5. The Wolves’ Den on Vimy Ridge.
6. “Why Did You Leave Us in Hell for Two Years?”
7. “This War Will End Within Forty Years.”
8. “Why Are We Outmanned By the Germans?”
VI. “Over Here” 164
1. The Redemption of a Slacker.
2. Slackers versus Heroes.
3. German Stupidity in Avoiding the Draft.
4. “I’m Working Now for Uncle Sam.”
5. The German Farmer’s Debt to the United States.
6. “Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth” Is an Ungrateful Immigrant.
7. In Praise of Our Secret Service.

New York etc.: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1918

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