The submarine peril: the Admiralty policy in 1917 by J. R. Jellicoe| University of Oxford

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Appreciation of the submarine war by Earl Jellicoe, First Sea Lord 1916-1917.

Facing the Menace: p. 1
Measures Taken Early in 1917 for Protection of Trade and Action Against Submarines: p. 10
British Naval Policy: p. 19
Appendix to Chapter III. A few remarks on the main naval strategy of the war. By Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee: p. 25
Offensive Action Against Submarines: p. 35
Other Natures of, or Suggestions for, Offensive Action: p. 60
Naval Co-operation with the United States: p. 70
Attach on Submarine Bases: p. 83
The Convoy System: p. 96
The Effect of the Introduction of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare: p. 121
Convoy Organization: p. 142
Development of the Convoy System: p. 156
Mines and Mine-Sweeping: p. 175
A General Survey: p. 180
Appendix: p. 186
Index: p. 229

London etc.: Cassell and Co. Ltd., 1934

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