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Une visite à l’armée anglaise [A visit to the English Army]

A propaganda piece by controversial French nationalist Maurice Barrès, written with the aim of demonstrating to the French public that, despite criticism to the contrary, the British were pulling their weight in the war effort.

Les Gourkas et les Sikhs
Les Canadiens
Les soldats de la métropole
Le service d’arrière
L’effort anglais ne veut pas être un demi-effort
L’amitié canadienne.
Le défilé des races amies de la France

Paris, Nancy: Librairie Militaire Berger-Levrault, 1915

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Richard Marshall is studying for a doctorate in the literature of ancient Rome at Wadham College, Oxford, and is a tutor for Ancient History at St Benet’s Hall. In addition to Classics, he has a long-standing interest in the tactics and material culture of the British Army, especially of the period spanned by the Cardwell Reforms and First World War. He has a large collection of original uniform and equipment items used for teaching and research purposes, and is currently exploring the evolution of British military clothing and accoutrements in response to changes in fashion and warfare for eventual publication. He previously worked as a cataloguer for the Oxford University Great War Archive.
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