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‘In deciding to publish some of the letters… I was actuated by a desire, first, to enshrine the memory of a singularly noble and attractive personality; secondly, to describe a career which, though tragically cut short, was yet rich in honourable achievement; thirdly, to show the influence of the Great War on the mind of a public-school boy of high intellectual gifts and sensitive honour, who had shone with equal lustre as a scholar and as an athlete.’

Includes letters detailing Tank actions in the Arras offensive (see April 24th 1917 and following)

Lt. H.P.M. Jones, Tank Corps [listed in Commonwealth War Graves Commission records as Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)] was killed in action 31st July 1917, and is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial.

Introductory: p. 1
1. Childhood: p. 9
2. At Dulwich College: p. 14
3. Football: p. 28
4. Cricket: p. 37
5. Editor of The Alleynian: p. 41
6. Public Schools and the War: p. 47
7. Tastes and Hobbies: p. 52
8. Music: p. 59
9. Literature and Ethics: p. 72
10. History and Politics: p. 85
11. In the Army: p. 98
12. Personal Characteristics: p. 110
At a Home Port: p. 121
With the 9th Cavalry Brigade: p. 131
With a Supply Column: p. 186
In the Somme Battlefield: p. 202
With the 2nd Cavalry Brigade: p. 212
With the Tank Corps: p. 229
Epilogue: p. 257
INDEX: p. 277

London, Cassell and Company, Ltd., 1918

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