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Photos from World War One, mostly from Gallipoli and Egypt and a couple from France and England. Many I presume were actually taken by my Grandfather Joseph Cecil Thompson while serving in WWI, as he has inscribed and initialled most, or inscribed titles in the margins of the negatives. There are also some other studio portraits and souvenir photographs. The original inscriptions and dates are included verbatim, where they are available. Square brackets indicate my own words, where I have either described the photo or attributed a description I know to be true, based on other photos in the collection. Included in a separate set are pages from my Grandfather’s diary dated from the Gallipoli landing, plus other miscellaneous letters. My Grandfather enlisted into the 9th Battalion (Queensland) of the 1st AIF and was at the landing of Gallipoli, and survived several months of front line action before being evacuated due to ill health. He was sent back to Gallipoli just before the withdrawal of all troops. We was a stretcher bearer, and made the ranks of corporal and later Sergeant – before self-demoting back to Private, or Corporal, at one point (we are not sure why). He was in charge of a team of stretcher bearers at Gallipoli and later in France. He was also the BandMaster of the 9th Battalion Band, which might be why he (and the other stretcher bearers) were in this role. After Gallipoli, he served for a short time in Egypt before being sent to France – the Somme area – and Belgium. He survived gas attacks and some bloody actions in Belgium, and ultimately came home – discharged about 1919 or 1920 The family story goes that during his service he sent all his pay – all 4 or 5 years of it – back home to his Mum, who busily spent the lot – not expecting him to ever make it home!

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Kate Lindsay, University of Oxford is the Director of World War One Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings. She is also the Manager for Education Enhancement at Academic IT where she also led the First World War Poetry Digital Archive and public engagement initiative Great War Archive. She has eight years experience of in-depth work on World War I digital archives and educational curricula. Kate has a degree in English Literature from the University of Leeds, combined with an MSc in Information Systems from the University for Sheffield, and an MSc in Educational Research from the University of Oxford. She is particularly interested in womens' experience of War and the representation of the First World War in popular culture.
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