Developer Resources

We’ve a lot of resources for developers to use


Our Github account where we’ve stored a lot of data –

WordPress Plugins

Simile timeline display: We’ve developed a WordPress Plugin ( to allow WordPress users to create Simile Timelines – such as

Wikipedia API search and display Widget (as used in the Resource Library):


OER Commons Widget A very basic Widget plugin to display content from OER Commons categorised with the same category as the current post:


We’ve got a basic API –

Add &terms= then a search term to get all the bookmarks matching that term and / or add

&media= to get items from a specific media type

1 for “Web pages”, 2 for “Ebooks”, 3 for “Audio”, 4 for “Video”, 5 for “Blog posts”, 6 for “Articles”, 7 for “Images”

You can also get some data as CSV – or all of our bookmarks at

Activity Streams

You can get some of usage data for our resource library as an activity stream

OAI Endpoint

We have a very limited OAI Endpoint here (listRecords only)