Resources catalogued as : 940 (General history of Europe)

General history of Europe

Pen and Sword Pt. III: 5 Questions by Nick Milne

Shot at Dawn by George Campbell Gosling

Of historians and politicians - cross-post by Jessica Meyer

Every day another (hi)story by Kate Lindsay

The 'Rape of Belgium' Revisited by Nick Milne

The Language of Business: Understanding the British ‘war machine’ by Christopher Phillips

St. Symphorien Military Cemetery, the Battle of Mons and British Centenary Commemoration by Edward Madigan

The Sandwich that Sabotaged Civilisation by Paul Miller

Conflict Culture by Matt Leonard

Rethinking British Volunteerism in 1914: A Rush to the Colours? by Catriona Pennell

Christmas in the trenches by Chris Kempshall

The First World War in History by Dan Todman

For Valour: The Victoria Cross by Pat Lockley

Exploring the War Underground by Chris Stephens

Forgetting the French by Chris Kempshall

The Terrains of the Great War by Richard Marshall

The British Army’s fight against Venereal Disease in the ‘Heroic Age of Prostitution’* by Richard Marshall

The 'Spanish' Influenza pandemic and its relation to World War I by Kenneth Kahn

Mapping the Impact of the Great War by Peter Francis

Beyond the Archduke: The Origins of World War I by Kate Lindsay

The Ypres Salient: A global commitment to total war by Matt Leonard

Erster Weltkrieg : What is it Good For ? by Stephen Bull

The Battle of Arras: An Overview by Everett Sharp

Arras: The Forgotten Battlefield by Paul Reed

The Battle of Arras: An Image Set on Flickr by Kate Lindsay

The foundations of the Battle of Arras by Matt Leonard

Tactics and Training – Arras 1917 by Stephen Barker

Military maps of Arras 1917 by Pat Lockley

18-Pounder Artillery Shells: The Great War Recycled and Re-Circulated by Melanie Winterton

Slimescapes by Santanu Das

Arras95 Tweets Map by Pat Lockley

@Arras95: Twitter Archive by Kate Lindsay

The Medals of Arras by Pat Lockley

10/West Yorks at Arras: An Overview of a Forgotten Battalion by David Stowe

The King of Albania by Pat Lockley

Arras : Before and After by Pat Lockley

Under a green sea - experiences of gas warfare by Chris Stephens

Absent Parachute by Melanie Winterton

The First World War of Objects by Matt Leonard

Hitler: Munich to Arras by Pat Lockley

Arras Cathedral by Pat Lockley

‘War Horse’ at Monchy-le-Preux – 11 April 1917 by Stephen Barker

August 1914: England’s Difficulty, Ireland’s Opportunity? by Catriona Pennell

Edward Thomas : The Journey to Arras by Pat Lockley

Commemoration and Conciliation during the Royal Visit to Ireland by Edward Madigan

What can students of the First World War do with the spatial dimension? The Redrawing of Maps by Krisztina Robert

A map of the front lines by Pat Lockley

New worlds, old worlds and underworlds: ‘conflict culture’ and the First World War by Matt Leonard

Verdun, 1916 by Matt Leonard

The War, The Great War, The First World War by Stuart Lee

The She-Soldiers of World War One by Kate Lindsay