Resources catalogued as : U (Military Science)

“Wyndham's War”: One Man’s Account of Living in Ruhleben Internment Camp by Derek Richards

Curtains Drawn: The Experience of Leeds in World War One by Stephanie Webb

When they ran out of khaki: improvised uniforms and Kitchener Blue by Jane Tynan

Why First World War soldiers wore khaki by Jane Tynan

Shot at Dawn by George Campbell Gosling

Of historians and politicians - cross-post by Jessica Meyer

A railwayman goes to war: Francis Dent and the challenge of total war by Christopher Phillips

The 'other' citizen soldiers: recruiting technical experts on the Western Front by Christopher Phillips

The Language of Business: Understanding the British ‘war machine’ by Christopher Phillips

St. Symphorien Military Cemetery, the Battle of Mons and British Centenary Commemoration by Edward Madigan

Soldiers on leave / Les Permissionnaires by Emmanuelle Cronier

Conflict Culture by Matt Leonard

The First World War in History by Dan Todman

The War Underground: An Overview by Matt Leonard

Forgetting the French by Chris Kempshall

The Terrains of the Great War by Richard Marshall

A 'World' War: the global dimensions of World War I by Kate Lindsay

Mapping the Impact of the Great War by Peter Francis

Beyond the Archduke: The Origins of World War I by Kate Lindsay

Conventional Unconventionality in the British Army by Dan Todman

The Ypres Salient: A global commitment to total war by Matt Leonard

The Battle of Arras: An Image Set on Flickr by Kate Lindsay

Eastern culture on the Western Front by Matt Leonard

Perspectives on 'shell shock' by Fionnuala Barrett

18-Pounder Artillery Shells: The Great War Recycled and Re-Circulated by Melanie Winterton